About Us at Legow Management Company

About Legow Management Company

Legow Management Company ("LMC") is a family owned and operated real estate investment and management business, spanning three generations and almost fifty years in business. With more than 125 full-time and part-time employees. LMC owns and manages 35 rental communities in New Jersey and Florida.

As "owner-managers" in the real estate industry, the partners of Legow Management Company take a hands-on approach to property operations. Whether addressing residents' questions and requests or identifying new materials to be used in apartment renovations, we are deeply involved in every facet of the process. Each week, the six partners of LMC visit every property at least once. While there, they address resident issues and oversee operations.

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With more than 125 employees, LMC owns and manages 35 rental communities in New Jersey and Florida.

Going Green

At Legow Management Company, we think long term. While everyone talks about “being green”, we have invested over $7 million in the last 15 years to implement systems and procedures which have greatly increased the energy efficiency of our buildings. This has decreased our carbon footprint and, thereby, helped to protect the environment. And yes, in the long run we hope to save money too.

We are active members of the National Apartment Association (NAA), New Jersey Apartment Association (NJAA) and the Eastern Heating and Cooling Council. We have been recognized for our outstanding work in the area of energy management by the Urban Green Council (UGC) and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU). In 2012 we received the EBie award (an award conferred by the UGC on high performing existing buildings) for our work retrofitting an existing high rise building with an efficient airflow system which enabled a 30% reduction in gas use for space heating. At the same time, resident comfort was improved with a more consistent level of heating.

Our drive to protect the environment extends beyond energy management. The supplies and materials we use are chosen with sustainability in mind and our vigilance in managing water consumption borders on obsession! This is why we have invested $120,000 and 3,000 man hours creating a proprietary system for tracking water consumption, enabling us to identify and correct leaks and other problems quickly. Thus, saving this precious resource as well. Here are some of the measures we’ve taken in becoming green:

Appliances: We only purchase ENERGY STAR compliant air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers and washer/dryers.

Toilets: All inefficient toilets have been replaced and we only install high efficiency toilets, requiring only 1.6 gallons per flush.

Kitchens & Bathrooms: We only use high efficiency, low flow faucets. Kitchen faucets are 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), bathroom faucets are 1.0 gpm and showerheads are 2.0 gpm. All of these plumbing fixtures still provide our residents with ample amounts of water to wash and bathe.

Lighting: All common area and outdoor lighting have been converted to compact fluorescent or LED fixtures, saving kilowatts while providing a better, more consistent, light output.

Air Sealing: We have installed “blown in” insulation in the walls and/or other building cavities throughout our portfolio. This has “sealed the envelope”, reducing air movement (the chimney effect) and thereby reducing heating fuel consumption. More importantly, this work has also greatly enhanced resident comfort by eliminating drafts. In every turnover, we install insulation gaskets on all switches and outlets as well as apply expanding foam to all places where plumbing and heating pipes pass through the walls. This results in greater efficiency and comfort.

Regulation & Monitoring Equipment: Our central boilers and chillers (in communities which have them) are regulated by intelligent controls which automatically adjust for outside temperatures. This prevents wasted fuel during warmer days during the heating season. In addition, this equipment is monitored by a system which notifies staff of any possible energy waste, including water.

Windows: Throughout our portfolio we have replaced approximately 30,000 single pane windows with more energy efficient double pane ones. In the process, we sealed the window openings to further reduce draft and wasted energy.

Gas Ranges: Our gas ranges have electronic ignitors, eliminating the energy waste of a standing pilot light.

Lead Free Buildings: We spent over $10 million in the last 20 years removing lead from older properties containing lead paint. We are now one of the few real estate companies in New Jersey with older properties that can boast being certified 100% lead free. This is good for both residents and the environment since all renovation related construction debris is lead free.